How to have a sexy walk.

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Today's Top Stories. Evolutionarily speaking, women evolved to find the most powerful men the sexiest, and because of that, to female eyes, a powerful walk is a confident walk is a sexy walk.

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Are you for how to convey a confident and sexy walk for men?

Pressing your thighs against your crotch is a way of negating your sexuality.
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And today's article is going to give you just that.

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Great observations!

Aim for your footprints to form a single line as if you are walking on tightrope.

For example, if you wish to look over at something or someone, move your eyes first until they cannot move any more, then move your head, then your torso and adjust sex pictures only lower body last and only when necessary.

This also gets motion occurring in these areas reprogramming your muscles to load subconsciously with every step you take.

Social Power.

If you take this walk, and throw in a bit more shoulder swaying, you have a very sexy Gunslinger Walk.

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Some sources will tell you to move slow and walk slow.