House is paid off now what.

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Not many people stick around in one home long enough to see the end of their mortgage. March 9, at 8: Victory was mine! We can also afford to be pickier with our employment — if we are looking for a job we can wait until the right job comes along rather than taking the first thing that is offered to us because we need the money.

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If you forget and miss the invoice, you will face a pretty hefty late penalty.

We are just one payment away from a paid off house.
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April 21, at 2:

Basically, we tried all of the ideas out there in the personal finance blogosphere.
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I celebrated.

Given your numbers and to pay off your loan in

Should I Prepay My Mortgage?

Journal Club Passive Income M.

Paying rent when you are living off a reduced income is definitely not optimal!

For whatever reason I have a hard time with debt.

I saw first-hand all of the ways that debt hindered them, all because of a decision that they made at

Sign up for M1 Finance Vanguard is handles our retirement accounts and a brokerage account.

At the end of the day math rules your wealth equation — whatever provides the highest after tax return is what determines the financially best choice.

Here are three things you should consider doing with that extra money.

That said we do max out on our k first and I would not pay that off unless I had that covered.

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One other big thing that paying off your home can do for you that not a lot of people realize:

If you don't, consider comparing quotes from a few insurers in your area to find a more affordable policy.