He wants me to pee on him.

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Select as Most Helpful Opinion? I am dominant sexually and commanding someone to participate excites me. So they did and once she'd been on top of him for a while, "she said she was ready and then stood up and peed all over my stomach and penis while I masturbated," says Pierre. It feels naughty and forbidden, which makes it appealing.

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But his birthday is coming up, and he wants me do do something that may be crossing the line here — he's asked me to pee on him.

Indeed, a former dominatrix I spoke to told me that one of her golden shower clients was a high-powered doctor and the other a sweet, nebbishy guy who carried around a small wooden fake toilet he'd had made.
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Yes, women do ejaculate and ignorance may confuse it for peeing.
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I would say something like this to your partner:

Another reasoning can go thus:

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Some people think it's nasty and disgusting.

And giving him his pleasure of peeing on him is certainly not being mean.

Sounds like he's into water sports, but this isn't as rare as you think, its only when they want you to crap a;ll over them you might have a guy with a fetish that is looked upon as dirty, x.

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That is so nasty.

Or any variations?

It progressed from there.