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Her loose dark hair slid over her shoulder and the perfectly executed R of a scar was gone. With those few strokes and a few innocent thoughts of you, my nipples are both hard.

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I was so wet, in fact, that I could feel my arousal pooling under my bare ass.

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For some reason, the dude I was fucking at the time was obsessed with this costume.

Not just because, I tend to be quiet and distrusting of stranger, but I thought he was handsome and was being very forward and friendly.

Bill sat next to me and held me as we watched Marnie stand up and remove her dress.

Without warning, I suddenly rolled her off me and followed through the motion until I was screwing her missionary style, all without missing a beat.

Jumping on the bed when the whole thing just collapsed.

Blonde, short, stacked, round in all the right places, compared to the long, lean brunette.

Of course it did, how could it not?

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She kisses him.

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She told me she and Mark had been goofing around.

Up to when I was 18, I didn't even know what was sex was!

One quick movement and his trousers are down just far enough to pull out his cock.

Louise and Robin on a bed that was almost identical to the one behind me, both naked and shaking their tits at the camera.

My nipples harden instantly under the wash of air coming from overhead fan humming above me.

I love the feeling of the warm water cascading through my hair, following the curve of my sex chick pic, and curling around my ass as it dribbles away from my pussy.

When I reach that black pubic hair, I take a handful.