Hating your parents.

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It's time for them to hold peace, after the marriage ceremony took place. And as for dating, the right woman will love him for WHO he is, NOT what he is wearing and that's exactly what you want. I'm 71 years old, and my mother is Unfortunately, for those of us who do work to change it and estrange from the source of our problems, this is what we hear from those who are not willing to do the work to save the relationship.

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The healthiest person is often the first to seek therapy, as it turns out.

It's the parent's problem.
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She was more the domestic type while i was the rebel.

As the scapegoat in His 'family' my Husband could have fallen, unwittingly into the same trap.
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Unless you gave them a loan, and they blew the money without paying you back - then it's your money that they blew.

Setting a boundary, as you have, is reasonable and may in fact be the safest way forward.

He leaves Christmas, Birthday cards and presents outside my door.

She gaslighted me, meaning she told me my perceptions were incorrect

But she is also lonely, no friends.

That money is rightfully hers.

All of this is a way of saying this:

She was more the domestic type while i was the rebel.

Are my lying habits normal or am I a compulsive liar?

On the other hand, if you're looking for ways to deal with your parents rather than disowning them, read 5 Strategies for Dealing With Difficult Parents.

Her alcohol-addicted husband worked long hours, and when home he remained locked in his den watching television, sipping booze.

After two months of nearly no sleep and no doctor help, l swallowed a bottle of pills.

I struggled immensely after my suicide attempt.

Tell about this to a close relative or friend first.