English shepherd vs border collie.

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Dianne You are welcome to your opinion, but I beg to differ. Destructiveness and barking when bored or not exercised enough Strong chasing instincts Shyness in some lines, or when not socialized enough Considerable shedding Waiting lists hard to find An English Shepherd may not be right for you. I would like to know where and what price for a good Laddie Brown and White.

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The English Shepherd is a highly intelligentall-around farm dog, being used as a herding doglivestock guardianfarm watch doghunting dogvermin eradicator and a child's companion.

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Typically the bcs carrying piebald genes have more white than usual.

I heard back from the breeder near me.
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LOL, that's about the extend of my experience.

Could you tell me are Welsh collies and English shepherds very similar?

All Collies tested in studies findings revealed all carried the Irish Patterning, however to the best of my studies this allele has not be found as yet?

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The modern English Shepherd is best suited for farm work, but they are used for hunting, search and rescue SARtherapy, and as competitors in dog agilityobedienceRally obediencetrackingand flyball.

ARF included dogs that were registered with UKC as well as dogs that had not been registered previously.

And IF my half remembered thought about cryptic merles is correct, could that possibly be the basis for sable being undesirable?

A really well bred ES has more in common with my livestock guardian dogs than my Border Collies.

Where does that leave those of us who want dogs that will be easy to live with as house pets?

One puppy does not even have a white collar but a dot of white.

I've only been around one or two Aussies.

The fragmentation of breed records -- divided among the three older registries -- and the lack of a published studbook created a situation in which it was impossible for breeders to identify potential breeding stock or research trends in the breed.

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The primary coat colors are:

I had a very good Scotch Collie 35 to 40 years ago named Laddie.

You might say that Aussies as a breed have a stronger "mainstream" presence in the dog world