Electron spin resonance ppt.

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Much of the ESR work on photosynthesis has been carried out with photosynthetic bacteria. No Downloads. We think you have liked this presentation.

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The ESR spectroscopy has been used to estimate polynuclear hydrocarbons, which are first, converted in to radical cations and then absorbed in the surface of an activated silica-alumina catalyst.

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ESR is used in the study of catalysts.

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What compounds can you analyze?

Radical Recombination Kinetics.

However, as an electron approaches a nucleus, it has a magnetic moment associated with it.

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Only 1st and 2nd derivative plots are commonly used to analyze the spectra.

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This is called concentration narrowing

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The method is very rapid and can be measured in aqueous solution over the range from M to 0.

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Shown is a block diagram for a typical EPR spectrometer.

Sashikesh Ganeshalingam The pottasium pyrazine ion shows 25 lines in its ESR spectrum whereas the sodium pyrazine compound shows 00 lines.