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Duke University Press. What he said was more hurtful than sleeping with another woman. There is so much pressure on everybody who is outside the body-beautiful stereotype [whether they are disabled or not]. These rates are much higher than sexual abuse incidents pertaining to nondisabled children.

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I'm just happy that we can show that a disabled person wants to expletive.

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There is not ever gonna be a decrease in demand for sexual services.

Disability stereotypes add to the difficulty and stigma experienced by disabled people.

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Is this an important step forward to self-determination of disabled people?

A disabled person may enjoy sex with the help of sex toys and physical aids such as bed modificationsby finding suitable sex positionsor through the services provided by a qualified sex worker.

Even milder amorous activity seemed out of my reach.

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Each program caters to the child's age and learning level.

There is a 1 in 4 chance that a girl with developmental disabilities will be molested before the age of

But rather than depict the encounter as something salacious or sleazy, the entire experience is both tender and satisfying for Ryan.

And I'm proud of it.

When I was using a wheelchair, people most often assumed I was not sexually active, or I was fetishized by "wheelchasers.

Of the group there were 3 girls and 4 boys, ranging between 12 and 17 years old.

Disability studies is a new field, it is just recently beginning to have a voice in the scholarly communities.

Men and women with disabilities are not sexually attractive.

A number of disabled performers have taken to the stage to entertain mainstream audiences in recent years, although in her routines, Dollar unlike some does not refer to either her hearing impairment or her depression, which she writes about with candor and insight.