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I thought it was more about how his ritual was disturbed.

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Anton ignores Dex and Rita as he hurries out the door.
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In this case he was doing the killing to cover his tracks, and like any routine that gets interrupted, you feel unsettled by it.

Crocodile Episode

It could be that all the talk about Lumen and Rita, combined with his recent celibate streak, has Dexter conflicted about Hannah.

The synopsis below may give away important plot points.

Hall talking to himself, but the solution to that potential problem is relying less on expository dialogue, not just dividing it between two characters.

What does he mean, "finish?

An Inconvenient Lie.

Dex, Lies, and Videotape Episode

He didn't know they were married, and Rita's got her doubts.

Not sure if it's a more liberating way of showing a woman's enjoyment or more prurience on the part of the showmakers, but there ya go.

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Bad luck Chuck 30 for 30, "Muhammad and Larry":

Blinded by the Light.

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Realizing how devastated Deb, Rita, Astor, and Cody would be if they learned the truth about him, Dexter decides that he must kill Doakes.

I didn't dislike this episode--as I don't usually "dislike" any of them--but the narration, the so, so lame side-characters except Deb --sigh

If I had been Rita, I would have made him empty out the contents.

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