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Being such a thing would be incredibly inconvenient for me, so I stopped exercising and left the gym forever.
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When something is so commonplace, it can quickly fade to the level of well-intentioned white noise.

Even the most vivid stimulus loses its force if experienced often and regularly enough.

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I recently went to the gym for the first time in months, because my inability to climb the two flights of stairs to my office without needing to be defibrillated was becoming annoying.

Long before Russia ever launched social media campaigns in the US, Kremlin-backed trolling was alive and well at home.

Or are they just one step up from wallpaper?

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To state the obvious, the website is intended for Russians.

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A mountain is a very large rise in the land, over metres in heightand formed by the action of tectonic forces.

The web, of course, has always been both hive mind and outrage machine.