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Albert Pike talks about Lucifer bearing the light. He was fascinated with cartoons, nature and children. Project, Auburn Blvd , Sacr, Ca. When trauma alters brain chemistry, perceptions of reality change.

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Some believe the KKK can be traced to a group made up of some Masons and derived rites and symbols from the Masons.

Founded by a Mason, only women related to Master Masons may join.
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Luciferian cults where God is capable of good and evil are described by some of their patients.

This piece of music was written AS a pagan ritual where a virgin sacrifices herself by dancing to death.
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Issue 1discusses alleged Masonic Ritual Abuse.

In , Walt Disney died.

Ritual abuse suggestions are planted in alternate personalities.

Rosicrucians, Eastern Star, Shriners.

County Commission for Women defined ritual abuse as:

What is Ritual Abuse?

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Modeling the Leader — the leader is imitated by everyone 6 Happiness through good performance — behaviors are controlled by shaming, competition 7 Manipulation through fear and guilt — includes exit phobias, the devil, God, communism, etc.

Prior to his death he had investigated cryogenics—being frozen and it is believed by some that his body is frozen somewhere in California, while others claim he was cremated.