Christians and high sex drive.

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One out of every three couples struggle with problems associated with low sexual desire. Feb 12, In his instructions to these Christians in Thessalonica, Paul had evidently given them two major steps to take to achieve moral purity. Like x 1 List.

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Ask yourself what the non-biblical barriers are to you getting married are?
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You're wise to try and learn as much self-control as possible, too.

The apostle begins this section with a treatise on how to handle your sex drive:.
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There is enormous misery and heartache that goes along with this passion after adultery and sexual affairs.

Try out self-acceptance for a while and see where that gets you instead!

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This is all the foundation—how do we build a life on it?

Because our humanity deeply needs God, we can treat our symptoms only with that very need:

Words like immorality do not seem to register with many people.

I pray those four points are helpful to you as you strive to handle your sexual desires in a God-honoring way.

Since we obviously cannot make that drastic change, the only thing left to us is to learn how to handle our sexuality properly.

It makes me long more for a romantic relationship.

That is the first priority in the Christian life.

However, I know I need to change my lifestyle so that I don't get these urges as often.

They looked like they had been soaked in embalming fluid.

Healthy touch is a good thing too—such as a hug between friends.

John NZ.

Other times, I tell a friend what I'm dealing with, and put it out there so that I don't start feeling like I have to carry around something shameful or disgusting, because my body is neither of those things, and neither is my desire.

But at some point they will come back.