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Unfortunately, he has detected another subspace warhead twelve million kilometers astern and closing.

As for Seven, if I recall correctly, we don't get any kind of absolute affirmation that she and Chakotay stay together.
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Seven's infamous costume began as a silver version in " The Gift ", which was also used in " Day of Honor " and " Revulsion ".
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She designed a plan to use a chroniton field to bring the ship back into temporal sync.

On the bridge, Tuvok asserts he can stop it with an anti-resonance pulse.

Was a big fan of Shark well, big James Woods fan to begin with and was sad to see it go.

He chastises her for not socializing with the crew more.

Chakotay hurries to catch up her.

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He tells her that the simulation of Chakotay told him they were having an argument and points out some details of the program including her gorgeous dress.

They were struck on a planet together, alone, with no hope of getting off it.

They had been developing that one from the beginning.

A sigh of relief washes over the crew.

It might do you some good.

Never mind C7 — Endgame was bad enough as it is.

He comes in and offers her a housewarming gift of a dreamcatcher.

Seven, still with full Borg implants, was the leader of a group of Borg aboard Voyager who were sent to assault several Kyrians.

It's not quite so clingy, so the waist doesn't have to be cinched in.

Harry Kim and Chakotay, who had survived the trip in the Delta Flyer , spent fifteen years trying to locate Voyager.