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Each pollen grain is surrounded by a tough protective wall called an exine. One of the cells near to the micropyle end of the ovule is the haploid female gamete egg cell.

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This is the nutrition mainly fats, oils and starch for the embryo.
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The embryo ceases development and goes dormant.

Suitable temperatures are usually between degrees Celsius depending on the species.
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The testa is impermeable to water and oxygen- The testa will eventually break down and allow water and oxygen into the seed.

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The primary mechanism used by flowering plants to ensure outcrossing involves a genetic mechanism known as self-incompatibility.

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Pollen is grown in the anther, which is found in the exterior of the flower.

When germination begins the first thing that happens is water is absorbed by the seed through the micropyle and through the testa.

As a result of dispersal there is an improved chance of success by reducing competition and overcrowding.

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