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Lewis, a long-standing enemy of Ward, passed the information to his one-time parliamentary colleague George Wigg, who began his own investigation. Keeler was sometimes described as a prostitute, a description she did not accept. Log in or link your magazine subscription. This Day In History.

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Another woman who achieved some notoriety from the scandal was Mandy Rice-Davies, who shared lodgings with Ms.

In the meantime, British prime minister Theresa May has called for reforms to how sexual harassment is reported in Parliament:.
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The senator had just completed a speech celebrating his victory in the California presidential

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Some commentators have assumed that this letter ended the association; [39] Keeler insisted that the affair ended later, after her persistent refusals to stop living with Ward.

A number of political scandals in the s and s created the impression of what was described in the British press as "sleaze":

Penny farthing pedals centre stage.

The general election sees Labour defeat the Conservatives.

During the weekend of 8—9 July Keeler was among several guests of Ward at the Cliveden cottage.

Downing Street described the matter as closed.


LONDON Reuters - British police and political parties may have tried to protect high-profile individuals suspected of child sex offences, a lawyer for an inquiry into allegations of historical abuse said on Monday.

In Marchhe went before the House of Commons to try minoe sex quell rumors about a sexual relationship.

Following her trial, in which she was convicted of perjury and conspiracy , Keeler sank into obscurity, though in she wrote an autobiography, which many considered an essentially worthless account of the affair.

Keeler found it difficult to escape the negative image attached to her by press, law and parliament throughout the Profumo affair.

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