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Our partner is often the last person we tell our strongest, core turn-ons to because they're often slightly 'dodgy'. If you went from having sex three times a day to once a day or a few times a week, it may perfectly normal and healthy. That is where worry turns to blame.

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More than a month is often forever for guy.
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First, you have to find out the cause.

While a loss of sex drive doesn't always mean he has a health condition, it wouldn't hurt to mention your concern to him so he can pass along any questions to his doctor.
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He blog sex rough really be gay but the excitment of a new woman can help stimulate his mind to the point he can sleep with her.

If your first instinct is to run away….

Talking about sex and where your relationship is going is a sure way of killing desire.

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Because women are so good at processing information and articulating thoughts, we'll often fire off 10 requests and possible solutions in the one chat.

According to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, as many as six percents of marriages will go an entire year without sex.

Until eventually he's avoiding sex altogether.

If it is, a doctor can prescribe any number of drugs that can improve erectile function.

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If sex is all about intercourse with the man failing to initiate passionate pursuit after the first handful of love making sessions, a woman can pretty much be assured that she was pursued for novelty.

Asking yourself this checklist of questions might help you narrow down what's happening enough to talk to your partner about it and see how to work through it.

She might be better matched with someone else who matches her sex drive.

He may be angry with you over some perceived event or experience.

It did not matter how good they were in bed or how novel they could keep things.