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A qualitative study. National Sexual Health Survey. Expectations for sexual interaction:

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Two trained Black male interviewers conducted the face-to-face, digitally recorded individual interviews in private offices at Drexel University.

As such, sexual scripts theory and research have important implication for HIV prevention.
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David J.

References 1.
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Higher scores on the Sexual Initiation Scripts subscale represent more sexual initiation.

Culture, Health and Sexuality.

Gary J.

Discursive context, namely the homosocial nature of focus group discussions, shaped how participants conversed about safer sex, and masculinity but not the content of that talk.

Bothered by feeling depressed, hopeless.

Unpublished raw data.

How often does she drink alcohol to relax or get a little buzzed before you have sex?

As noted above, future sexual scripts research would benefit from including questions about the various levels of sexual scripts.

Sexual risk was positively correlated with neighborhood context, depression, and substance use see Table 2 for the matrix of factor intercorrelations from the measurement model.

Author manuscript; available in PMC Nov 1.

Of note, significant positive direct effects were observed from neighborhood context, depression, and substance use to sexual risk Table 3 ; Figure 1.

A practical guide.

Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality.

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Clin Psychol Rev.

National Institute of Public Health;

Sexual conduct:

Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health.