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Benny is seen as a homosexual at the start, later altered by a supercomputer to become heterosexual. The two are assumed to be living happily ever after. Claire Bennet , Gretchen Berg.

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I was so fascinated that I spontaneously abandoned what I was doing to look for other articles about her.

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Melville and his cell soon learned that damaging federal property could elicit a furious response.

In November , Jannie had walked off the hospital grounds and vanished for more than 12 years.

May 19,

A gay-themed science fiction film shot on static video camera, the story revolves around a young man from the planet Mars, known as 'E.

She was charged with first-degree murder, which carried a mandatory death penalty.

This was changed in the NA English translation [].

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Disappointed to find that his online friend only wants sex and has no interest in forming a romantic bond, he starts to look elsewhere.

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When government agents raided Alcatraz on June 11, there were only 15 people remaining on the island.

Hyde mentions that his weaker alter-ego began developing his personality-altering menorahs sex to expunge all "darker" impulses, including his attractions to men.

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