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Once a price has been agreed, they move somewhere more private - but that usually just means going behind a bush a few metres away. At the weekends, he makes a little extra money playing guitar in tavernas along the coast.

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But none wanted to be here.

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But Mahmoud isn't alone.

Today, she spends six to eight hours a day trying to entice clients, but most do not stay.
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Most sell a basic range of bedroom basics and sexy accessories but some specialise in more niche items.

In the cheaper Athenian brothels of Metaxourgio, I met Monica, a year-old Albanian prostitute who grew up in the northern city of Thessaloniki.

They declined to answer any further questions about it.

Roads like these, especially during night-time, offer an alternative meaning and a non-mainstream social experience, which cannot be shared by everyone.

All over the world, students are fighting slavery.

This term is used to contrast the brothels of Fylis and Metaxourgion to an abundance of a new type of brothels, Studios photos:

For Mahmoud and the park's other homeless residents, it is a desperate attempt to survive.

Now, dependent on drugs and money from clients, the reality of what his life has become is overwhelming.

For Neno, being a sex worker is a job like any other.

Lost childhoods:

He lives an hour away but comes blackgirl sex visit a friend who lives near the park three times a week.

Brothel in basement on Filis street Source, Th.

In Athens, these are the roads where brothels cluster.

All the women insisted on using only one name because of the stigma and for safety reasons.