African american braids in a bun.

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The subtle swirling of the plaits is mesmerizing and makes this so much more than your average bun. By braiding the hair very close to the scalp and adding a loose top bun, it provides a nice contrast.

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African braids can take on a variety of different forms.

You may even go for Ghana twists where your hairstylist will flat twist your strands instead of braiding your hair in cornrows.
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Nothing is better than updated classics!

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Although this is not what you would typically think of when you picture braids, this style overlaps three separate sections in a bun to add visual interest.

Crochet braid is one of the most favorite protective hairstyles as you can create different looks from it.

Do you know that braids started in Africa are rooted in tradition?

Take this geometric, triangular design for instance.

If you like edgy looks, try shaving patterns on your head.

This Empire-inspired faux hawk takes braided hair to the next level in its execution, intricacy, and literal height.

A trip to the stylist will be necessary to have this constructed but the impact will be worth the visit!

When you take them out, your hair will fall into that luscious mane.

Plaiting the hair at an angle instead of straight back adds drama milk tits sex definition and is a great way of adding shape to a more rounded face.

Once the hair was evenly coated with the product, Ursula pulled the top half section of hair into a high ponytail and secured it.

The braid that starts from mid-shaft is not noticeable in the front and looks sloppy in the back.

Color is always an easy way to break up an otherwise monotone hairstyle for black hair.

And this particular updo is completely mesmerizing.

The final look of your hairstyle should be curled with kinky ends, adding some flair to your personality.

Luckily, you can create different looks from Ghana braids—think of high braided buns, curved braids, low bun, curly updo, Ghana twists and such.

Nowadays, braid hairstyles are becoming more fashion-forward and creative with the use of embellishments, beads, ribbons, colorful yarns, threads, cuffs, along with artistic patterns that swoop and swirl around the crown.