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Do we look for a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, what? Though not so much an issue of a "running motor" as it is in children, fidgety and hyperactive behavior are still prevalent in adults. I am a woman and share many of the symptoms that are characteristics of boys and men with ADHD.

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Later in life, a woman might reach out for help for her ADHD, only to be diagnosed with depression or anxiety instead.

It can be helpful to think about attention deficit disorder as a collection of traits that are both positive and negative—just like any other set of qualities you might possess.
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This can lead to self-esteem issues, anxiety, or depression.

Girls and women can also exhibit symptoms of hyperactivity of impulsivity.
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Adults with ADHD can benefit from a number of treatmentsincluding behavioral coaching, individual therapy, self-help groups, vocational counseling, educational assistance, and medication.

Professionals trained in ADHD can help you control impulsive behaviors, manage your time and money, get and stay organized, boost productivity at home and work, manage stress and anger, and communicate more clearly.

Eat a wide variety of healthy foods and limit sugary foods in order to even out mood swings.

For example, you may be so engrossed in a book, a TV show, or your computer that you completely lose track of time and neglect your responsibilities.

Do we look for a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, what?

If the symptoms of ADHD are still getting in the way of your life, despite self-help efforts to manage them, it may be time to seek outside support.

Physical and mental health problems.

ADHD often goes unrecognized throughout childhood.

Feeling Shame is the label of me since a little kid.

This can be challenging for anyone, but if you have ADHD, it can feel downright impossible.

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Along with the impulsivity and disorganization of ADHD, for example, often come incredible creativity, passion, energy, out-of-the-box thinking, and a constant flow of original ideas.

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You often overspend to compensate for other problems.