25 phrases with meanings and sentences.

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Say something quickly without thinking, especially if you shouldn't. Publish, make available for the public to see or buy. Sign up for your Free Lifetime Account and to start your progress today! Already a Member?

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We use it when we are saying goodbye to other people at night.

New friend, I am Alisha.
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Thank you very much for your comment.

Have you ever wondered where some of them used in everyday language come from?
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Get more people into a space than normal or comfortable.

First I phoned you and left a message that you should phone me; then you phoned and I was out, so you left a message; then!

Come across an important verb conjugation breakthrough?

In American English, 'gray' would be used.

Sign a document joining or agreeing to something.

Hi Abdelhamied, Great to hear you're enjoying our lessons!

Do it now.

She put away the cereal boxes.

Remove less important options to make it easier to choose.

Do something without making much effort or trying to improve.

Avoid doing something in a way other people don't like.

I am looking forward to following you up on twitter.

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Good morning is used as a greeting in the morning.