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She has carefully accumulated evidence of the circumstances of approximately cohabiting couples, amongst the heterosexual middle and working classes in England and Wales, to detail her argument. This is essentially what you are saying: These books were expected to be read by women.

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A third article told more tales of horror the local schoolyard was being used as a meeting place for prostitutes and their clients!

If the main argument that the Guilded Age was freer was lower taxes, that benefit means nothing for the half or so stats welcome of U.
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Some likely did not believe it existed to any extent, as John C.

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Women expressed disappointment if they were not able to serve their husbands as mental, as well as physical, companions.

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It also wished to abolish marriage, again partly because it was another avenue for dominating women.

Women expressed disappointment if they were not able to serve their husbands as mental, as well as physical, companions.

Parkes, Mrs.

Working-class cohabitees were also rather less able to escape social sanction than the middle and upper class who could flee their homes and begin life afresh elsewhere.

Taught in a tradition which, for their sex, emphasized sentimentality, women deliberately avoided reason.

Carried into the specialized and industrialized communities of the nineteenth century, the eighteenth century agrarian view of women participating in the work close to the home while their husbands went into the fields, dominated.

This more full-blooded view was not to last long however.

She should have the capacity to feel, judge, discourse and discriminate.

Coverture only makes sense if the contract was binding.

It studied the lives of the lower and upper classes and did not deal with the middle classes who neither depended solely on their daughter's income, nor maintained servants enough to abuse.

It spoke of payoffs to officials for looking the other way, of men in high places protecting an evil in their midst.

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Godey, Philadelphia,

As just one example, you write:.

Some women were adept at using their sexuality for their own ends and others found themselves falling in love with men whom society was not keen to match them with.

To some, sex was an obligation to be endured, while to others it was a joy to be shared.